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Mississippi Hill Country Loop

Mississippi Hill Country The Mississippi Hill Country Loop is a 2-day loop dual-sport ride within the state of Mississippi. Start at either the north or south location (Glucksdt, MS / Batesville, MS). This ride is a full 2-day loop dual-sport ride of 505-miles total (northbound: 244-miles, southbound: 261-miles). Please note, if you get the chance to read the articles regarding the Trails, you will see several references to crossing private land. As the course has evolved, however, I have found many ways to avoid those private properties. Today, the entire trip can be made without venturing off publicly available roads. This eliminates a potential stress for those using my maps and does not jeopardize my project. Trust me, you won't miss the private sections. It's still one great trip! is the official website of the Trans-America Trail, and the exclusive source for Maps and Roll Charts to navigate the the Trans-Am Trail, the Shadow of the Rockies Trail, and the Mississippi Hill Country Loop: and the Lake Hill Motors East and West Loops

TAT Maps and Roll Charts

TAT Maps and Roll Charts

  Maps and Roll Charts are used together for navigation and therefore are sold as a sets. Purchase the full-set for the entire 505-mile loop of the Mississippi Hill Country (roll chart holder sold separately). May I say here, that the Mississippi Hill Country Loop is NOT for everyone. It takes a rider with a "quest for adventure" and a special "love" for a motorcycle. For additional information about the Shadow of the Rockies, please see my FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions), or if you have additional questions, you may contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions not listed on the FAQ page. The complete set of maps and roll charts for the Mississippi Hill Country (MHC) with 505 miles of navigation from Glucksdt, MS to Batesville, MS (click here to order).  

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